I was hoping it would arrive by next Thursday because I am headed out on a photography trip. While I had secretly been hopeful, I had ruled it out as to not get my hopes up. When I got the shipping notification on Wednesday I was stoked! Well, it arrive today and other then playing around with it, playing with menus and snapping pics in my basement, I have nothing to show other than a quick snap of the camera itself. I also dug out my Novoflex adapter and old 35mm f2.8 OM lens just to set along side of it and give it a sense of scale.  

My new toy is here! Can't wait to go shoot with it this weekend. 

While I don't have any pictures to share with you, I must say that a few things really stand out in the brief time I've been using it. The first and foremost is is the improved viewfinder (Just Wow!) and the other thing is the overall speed of operation.

Anyway, hope I have a great weekend of shooting so I can come back here and share some images and thoughts.