I posted a few weeks ago now about heading down to Kansas. I also posted some landscape and sunrise shots from down there. I didn't, however, actually write about why I went down to Kansas.   

I went down to participate in the Adventure Monkey Photo Cycling Tour. I was also a guest speaker where I shared both my journey and my encouragement about developing your own style (in photography). It was a great experience with great people.   

I thought I'd share a slideshow with my presentation.  It is missing my spoken part of the presentation, but I think looking at the images as well as the few text slides, that you can get an idea of just what it is about. Note, these images were not all taken with Olympus cameras.  The point of the presentation had nothing to do with gear but I thought I'd share it here anyways.   

I also thought I'd share a few pictures taken while out riding in the beautiful Flint Hills area of Kansas.  My other passion besides photography is riding my bicycle. The AM Photo Cycling Tour allowed me to marry those two things. Hope you enjoy.  Also note I was messing around testing VSCO films so they aren't the best examples of OOC photo quality from either my Olympus OMD EM1 or PEN EP1 which I shot that week.  Hope you enjoy.