This past week has been a good week. Bunyan Velo Issue #3 was released where I have an article from a summer trip I led and shot, but also Salsa Cycles published a story and an image slideshow of the experience.  It's always so cool to see your images in print an in use. 

While not all images shared in these digital publications were taken with the OMD EM5, some were. When I do my bike travel with the intent of proving imagery to someone other than myself, I often bring two cameras; One being my OMD EM5 with the Panasonic 14mm 2.5 and the other being my trusty Nikon D700 DSLR.  If I could go back in time and do this trip with current technology, I absolutely would have gone on this trip with both the OMD EM5 and the new EM1. It would have been great to share the same lenses and same batteries AND have a much lighter overall kit for the trip.   

Anyway, here are a couple of images shot with the OMD EM5 w/14mm f2.5 that were published as well as links to see the other images and the stories behind them.   

A quick stop from our rolling Kenai, fatbike beach tour

Errin cruizing the Kenai coast - Look closely and you can see Errin's OMD EM5 with 17mm f1.8