After waiting patiently for months, I finally received my black 17mm f1.8. While many far more notable bloggers have written about this lens and written that it just isn't that great, or at least up to par of the 45, 12 and 75, I was still very eager to get my own copy and make my own opinion. In no time I was out shooting.

Over the past week or so I've shot it in a variety of conditions.  In short, I love everything about it and I love the rendering and sharpness I get even when shooting wide open. When you hit that sweet spot of distance from subject it has nice subject isolation as well. I also find it to be very, very sharp. It also appears to control flare quite well. I also love the manual focus feature and can't wait to couple this with the focus peaking of the OMD EM1. Overall in the first week and the first hundred or so shots, I am very, very pleased. Obviously, I need a bit more time with it, but given how much I like the 35mm field of view, I suspect this will replace my 14mm f2.5 Panasonic lens as my main lens on my OMD EM5.  

Here are a few shots from the past week.