I've spent several mornings out of the last two weeks shooting fall colors. Sometimes I was squeezing it in between weekend soccer games while other times I would stop on my way to work to snap a few pics.  Some days it was perfect, cool and sunny and other days it was damp, wet and overcast. One of the pictures below was in a downpour. Regardless of getting a bit wet and muddy for some of these images, I love everything about fall including the sky, the smell, the dampness and the of course the challenges of capturing the diverse colors with may camera.

Today is the day I share some of the images on the blog. While fall is not over, I just got notification that my new OMD EM1 shipped and will be here on Friday.  Yeah! I am excited for sure. Given this camera is on it's way, I thought I'd share the autumn images I do have with my OMD EM5. That way after I spend some time shooting the new EM1, the images are not mixed and I can look back to see if I notice any difference.

All of these images were taken with the OMD EM5 with the Olympus 50-200 SWD lens. Despite the slow contrast autofocus and the constant missing (I shoot it in manual focus much of the time), I love this lens, camera and combination. Also, I have purposely shot with this combo most often so I can test the PDAF of the new EM1 with legacy Olympus 4/3rds lenses.   

This set is a mix of both RAW files and JPEG. I was lazy in the beginning and just shooting Jpeg and then about midway through my shooting, I started shooting RAW + Jpeg.  I ended up shooting most of these in early light with a -.3 exposure compensation. The JPEG's were shot in vivid mode. I did not try the "warm" white balance setting, but in many cases I did tweak contrast and add just a bit of warmth to the white balance in the final edited version. 

Hope you enjoy them!