I somehow got addicted to the Wanderlust camera pinwide a while ago and have since backed their next kickstarter of the travel wide 4x5.  I sort of picked up the $39 lens as a novelty. I ended up really liking it and it is almost always permanently affixed to my old Olympus PEN EP1.

I love it on the EP1. I turn the IS off, put it on my mini travel pod tripod and shoot away. I've shot RAW as well as JPEG and also played around with VIVID and some of the art scenes. It's all about experimentation with this lens. This is one place where the terrible lcd on the EP1 doesn't matter. This is for fun and it treat it almost like film, meaning the LCD is so bad, I really don't know what I've got until I get home and look at them on the computer.  It truly is a surprise every time I load images into Lightroom.

Here are a few recent pics with the PEN EP1 and Pinwide lens.    

As you can see, these images are heavily vignetted and a direct light source does some crazy things. I just love them and the different feel I get from this little pinhole lens.