Today at work, my friend and coworker mentioned Alaska. For me whenever I hear Alaska I go to my happy place in my mind and my imagination. I also almost always go back and look over the images. I shared a bit about this last trip before, but I brought two cameras as I was on assignment, one being my Nikon D700 with a smattering of lenses and the other being my OMD EM5 with the Panasonic 14mm f2.5.  

I ended up shooting the OMD for all my fun, candid and quick shots. It worked flawlessly. Here is one taken around midnight the week following the summer solstice. We had ridden the shoreline all day, crossed a few deep water crossings and were coming down with a beer (thankfully brought to us by a few folks that rode into town!). I processed this image in VSCO with an HP5 film preset and added contrast and grain. 

I so want to go back.