The other day I had a meeting down at the Urban Bean in South Minneapolis. I was very excited because they have great coffee, a great space, and pastries from my favorite bakery.  I arrived early for meeting and ordered a pasty and a coffee. It was fairly empty when I arrived. I sat down, took out my Olympus EM1, set it up on the table and connected my iphone to it's private wifi network. As I sipped my coffee, I snapped away and played with the Olympus App on my phone.  

This is truly a stealth system. I just sat there looking at my phone and snapping away unknowingly.  It is a stealthy set up to be sure as well as an incredible tool to get truly candid shots.  

I didn't have long before my friend arrived for our meeting so I only got a few pics. These are all processed in VSCO Film O1 with a Kodak T-max 3200.