I haven't blogged much recently, but I have been shooting and testing. I'll share a few shots today, not my best work by any means, but I've been busy and just carrying the camera with me for fun and shooting when I can.  

These shots are all taken at ISO 1600 and above. It's been cold, dark and dreary here in MN. Daylight savings time hasn't helped either for getting any sort of light after work so I've been shooting in the dark. Anyway, it's been fun and I am really loving my EM1.  

Yep, it has been cold dark and dreary.  

Al's breakfast. This was my daily breakfast in college 20 years ago. It still looks the same! 

Shooting indoor soccer at ISO 6400, 400mm, panning, f3.5 and 1/200th isn't easy.

Testing an old Olympus 11-22 4/3 lens. I like the character but not so much the chirping sound of the focusing. I think it is going back today! 

All in all, still messing around with the camera figuring out it's capabilities. I think this weekend I will put it to my first real semi professional use when I shoot two family portrait sessions. My confidence is gaining with this system. Gonna give it a go.