Today I added a lens to my collection that I have been dreaming about for many, many years, the Olympus Zuiko SHG 35-100 f2!  I found a good deal on a mint used one and given I just sold off my Nikon D700 and 70-200 zoom, I had the money.  

I am going to test it over the next few days to see if its worth having given I have the the Olympus 50-200 SWD.  Honestly, in the first few moments of shooting this lens at low light I believe the answer is yes, if for nothing more than the light gathering capabilities.  Wow, f2 with a longish zoom really makes a difference. 

The shots below are just quick snaps taken either on my way home or after dinner tonight but they are clearly an indicator of what this lens with EM1 are capable of. All are shot hand held at ISO 1600 or ISO 3200 at f2.

I will test more and comment more later about other aspects of thilens, but so far I like the results and that is what matters most.