Happy Holidays all. Hope you all had a very good Christmas. We did! 

As you know I have been trying to figure out if the beast of a lens known as the Olyympus Zuiko 35-100 f2 is worth keeping. Prior to holiday, I managed to use it quite a lot and have grown quite fond of it. It is a beautiful lens, both in the results it produces and the heft in the hand. It truly is a remarkable lens.

It works quite well with the Olympus EM1. It isn't as blazing fast & silent as the wonderful m4/3 primes, but it is fast enough for how I plan to use it. Honestly, there is something comforting about the sound of the focusing. This will not be my carry with me on my bike lens. It is just too large. This is solely for the love of shooting when I have a bit more of a methodical approach, an event or the occasional paid photo gig.  

Lately, I have found myself shooting benches all over Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Here are three new entries in my Benches photo project. All taken with the OMD EM1 with the Olympus 35-100 f2. 

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden (one of my personal favorite images in a long time)

Saint Paul, MN as seen from the Saint Paul Indian Mounds