It was cold. Very cold. Minus 9 before factoring in windchill. I had to get out though. I needed the air. I like the pure air and light when it's this cold. I packed my OMD EM1 with two lenses; the 12-40 f2.8 pro and the 35-100 f2 f/3 lens and headed out.

I ended up keeping the 35-100 on the entire time. It was just too cold to change lenses. I found that extended exposure of the camera at these temps can freeze up the autofocus. The glass is heavy on the 35-100 and the seals are tight. By the end of the walk, the autofocus has stopped working. Yes, it was that cold. Thankfully, manual still worked perfectly!   Here are two shots I really like from the evening walk.

What a beautiful evening for a walk.