As I kick off this new website about my experiences with Olympus cameras, I figured I'd start with my most recent and beloved Olympus OMD EM5. I've spent well over a year with this camera. In short, I love it. I am guessing that is not surprising given I have a website about Olympus cameras. However, let me got a bit deeper and share my experiences as well as why I chose the  Olympus OMD camera in the first place. 

I travel a lot. I use my cameras in ways and circumstances that others do not. I've had to send my Nikon DSLR back to the manufacturer for repair because a couple of buttons stopped working after an Alaskan fatbike beach tour and I remember a day in the rainforest with heavy rain where my Sony NEX camera system locked up 3 times in one day.  I remember being in Japan with my sensor of my NEX camera overheating in heat and humidity, making my camera completely useless. My camera and camera system needs to be small, durable, flexible and capable. That is exactly what my Olympus cameras bring me.

For years I used Olympus Pen cameras (I still have the original EP1) because they met all those requirements but when the OMD EM5 came out with it's weather sealing, I knew immediately that I would one day own the camera. After the initial craziness of a new camera launch, I purchased one when Olympus offered the lens discounts when buying a body.  The weather sealing really was the main reason that drove me to purchase the camera. The secondary reason was the amazing prime lenses and the ability to use legacy, adapted glass such as my old OM Zuiko glass I have to go with my old OM-10 film camera.

For the last 12 months the OMD EM5 has not been my only camera or camera system in use. In fact, I have two others. For sports shooting I have been using a NIkon DSLR and for general shooting I have also been using a Fuji X system.  But, I kept coming back to my Olympus as the best all around camera (for me) system.

I'll write more about my experiences with the OMD EM5 over time, but to kick this off here are a few images from the past 12+ months taken with my OMD EM5.