I decided to put down my Nikon D700 and 70-200 f4 and shoot today's soccer game with my OMD EM5 and the Zuiko 50-200. Given the slow focus and the misfocus rate of shooting in auto focus mode, I shot the entire game today in manual.  

Overall I got some great shots.  I love the extra range of the 50-200 (100-400mm equivalent) compared to my Nikon 70-200mm.  It was bright and I could keep it set in the mid aperture range so I had good depth of field.  I missed far more than with my Nikon but once you get used to full manual focus and adjust to the speed of the game, you can track pretty darn well.  I kept the green focus box live so in a quick one touch I could magnify to confirm and then quickly start shooting again.    

While I did OK just manually trying to focus through the EVF, I am eager to try the OMD EM1 to see if and how focus peaking in manual or focus tracking in autofocus help or work. Honestly, given how well today went, if the focus peaking works as I suspect it will, I may consider shooting manual full time, at least on slower moving sports like kids soccer.  Soccer isn't slow moving but 10 year old girls soccer isn't lightning fast!  

Anyway, here are some of today's shots. It was a beautiful fall day for soccer here in MN.  The last shot in the sequence of the girls spraying the coach was actually shot with the Olympus 75 1.8. It was his birthday and it was just too fun not to share. Now I'm off to the apple orchard.  More pics soon.