Many folks whom have an Olympus OMD EM5 will likely ask is the EM1 worth upgrading too?  It is a great question. While some will immediately respond with GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) and just order one like me, others will really look at the features and wonder if they should upgrade. Here is why I plan to upgrade, and these reasons are in order of importance.  

  • Focus Peaking - This is the number one reason I want to upgrade. I have held off in buying lenses like the Voigtlander .95 m43 lenses as well as more old Olympus OM lenses because I do not have focus peaking on the OMD EM5.  Honestly, I believe Olympus should add it to that camera much like Fuji did. If they did, they'd keep more consumers from switching to Fuji.  
  • Focus Tracking - If it works, I will completely replace my large and heavy DSLR system that I use for motion sports and action photography. 
  • Buffer Depth - I want/need to shoot RAW in my continuous bursts and the EM5 just runs out quickly.
  • 1/8000th shutter speed - With the bright lenses available for m43 cameras, you need this or you need neutral density filters to stop it down.  
  • PDAF - Phase detection autofocus is good for tracking, but also makes it work with old Olympus 4/3 lenses. I started my digital photography journey with Olympus so I have some old lenses left. I absolutely love the 50-200 f2.8-3.5 SWD. I can't wait to use that lens with decent autofocus.
  • Weather sealing - This is critical for me as I have killed many cameras shooting in winter storms, rain, sandy beaches and humid rain forests.  This is a must have. The EM5 has served me well, but they say this one has even better weather sealing.  Yeah!
  • Ergonomics - I like the built in grips and the buttons. Wish it had a dedicated on back of camera focus on button like my Nikon DSLR, but I will manage without it.
  • Build Quality - This is subjective but the EM5 is built well, and again others say this one is built even better. Again, yeah!  I can't wait to put this camera in hand.
  • Batteries and back up - Love that they used the same battery as the OMD EM5 (I have 5 of them).  Also love I can use my OMD as a back up with many similar features and 99% of the same image quality.

All that said, it isn't all roses. No camera is perfect.  Here are my concerns.

  • Hate the on off. I have adjusted to the location of the on off on the old E3 and on the OMD EM5. Keep it simple stupid and keep it there!  
  • Weight - It's heavier. That is expected but when I go on my bicycle tours and adventures, grams matter. 

Anyway, I am hearing some folks are receiving their cameras. I can't wait. I am ready with the updgraded lightroom, and my 17mm f1.8, 25mm f1.4, 45mm f1.8 and my 75mm f1.8 as well as my 14-54 II and 55-200 SWD 4/3 lenses. That camera can't come soon enough.