Went to support my wife and son at the Commitment Day 5K today. It was cold, - 6 below at start time. I brought my Olympus OMD EM1 with two lenses, the 12-40 f2.8 pro and the 35-100 f2.  This is a sweet, sweet set up for shooting events. It hits all the sweet spots. 

My focus today though was shooting the 12-40 as I haven't shot it much. I wanted to see what portraits looked like at the long end of the zoom, namely 40mm @ f2.8.  Pretty sweet. I was in a rush and since it was family, just snapped away. I wish I had framed just a bit closer, but I wanted to see some of the event and capture my wife and kids to give a feel of the event.  Here is a before and after with the 12-40 at 40mm f2.8.

At the starting line!

@ the finish line!

Pretty sweet set up and one I expect to use a lot. And here is a shot of my son at the finish taken with the 35-100 @ f2. Wow this lens is sharp. At 100% I can see the eyebrows and eyelashes perfectly.