OK...It's been a while. Let me explain.

1) I have been traveling

2) I have been shooting a different system, I have been bitten by the rangefinder bug and shooting with an old Minolta CLE film camera but also with my Leica digital M.

3) My beloved Olympus OMD EM1 was having some issues. It still worked but I can say that after 30,000+ frames, countless storms, cold winters, and being submerged in saltwater was finally taking its toll. I was having some issues with focus and corrosion has overtook it. All the bolts, screws, & LCD pivots are corroded and I had to fight with it everytime to get the SD card hatch door open. The rubber was pealing off the back. Maybe it was just me, but the shutter seemed louder than normal as well. It was time to give it a rest.

4) On my trip, I lost my point and shoot camera to the mother earth and then it was ran over.

So....Essentially I have been down two cameras, shooting my rangefinders and ignoring things. Well, that changed this week when I bought a used Panasonic GX7. The price on these things is so much lower than starting price, an unfortunate trend for almost all Panasonic cameras. I finally got one for next to nothing. Take a look.

So beyond price, why did I try the GX7 instead of something else?

- Rangefinder, left EVF shooting experience.

- Better focus peaking than Olympus.

- With EVF to eye, I can touch anywhere on the LCD and a focus magnification box pops up to focus. It instantly goes away with a touch of the shutter button

- It doesn't have a hump, is tiny with my 14mm pancake and unlike the GR, has wifi (important to me).

- Did I mention the price?

Anyway, no pictures to share yet. It's dark here in MN and I haven't been shooting much lately. I will for certain post up some pics and further thoughts as I get them. It is also the camera I plan to take on holiday this year. Taking the 15mm f1.7 and my 35 and 50 Leica M mount lenses. Should get something good to share! 

Enjoy the holidays.