Each year we travel home to North Dakota for Christmas. While I had planned on only bringing the 25mm f1.4 on this trip, in a panic I ended up with two lenses. I packed the Panasonic 15mm f1.7 and my Leica M Mount 50 f1.4.

I am just learning to use my new GX7. I thought I was shooting RAW + JPEG so I could use the wifi transfer. In the end, I came home with only JPEGS. Oops! Oh well, thankfully the images are quite good and noise is well controlled. 

Here are a few snaps from Christmas. I processed them using a flat B & W custom setting in lightroom. I did share a few color images as well. Those I have an old film grain setting.  Hope you enjoy them.


All in all, I had a blast getting to know my new little GX7. Since my benchmark to compare all cameras too is my now gone Olympus EM1, here are some initial thoughts.



  • I hate the location of the Display button on the back of the GX7. Every time I grab it I end up changing my display and then have to recycle all the way through it.
  • I like all the controls and button placements on the EM1 better
  • The IS on the Olympus does appear to be better. This is solely based on the fact that I could use slower shutter speeds on the Olympus with the Leica M mount 50mm.
  • I love the touch screen magnification on the GX7. It makes shooting with manual lenses a breeze
  • I certainly can manually focus better on the GX7
  • I am still getting used too the shutter lag. I tried the shoot on halfpress but that style doesn't work for focus and recompose, which I do a lot.
  • I wish the GX7 had a locking control dial
  • Image wise I can't really tell a difference between the two
  • I prefer the wifi app and controls of Olympus better than Panasonic
  • Wish battery life was a bit longer
  • I did use the folding EVF a couple of times. It is so nice when shooting close to the ground or the surface (as in the 1st shot of our dog above)
  • Lastly, I find myself looking at Gh4's already.....

We are home now and tonight I will mount the lovely Panasonic 25 f1.4. I intend this to be the main lens for this camera and I suspect that given my recent love of shooting a rangefinder with a 50mm that this lens will be almost permanently attached to this GX7.

Pics to come.....