Well, I broke down and purchased an X-T1. The GAS was too strong.  Gonna be a fun few weeks comparing the EM1 and X-T1. 

My quick 1st reactions are as follows. 


Speed - Operationally it is just faster

Grip - without the extra grip, the EM1 just feels more secure in hand

Buttons - more pronounced and with a solid tactile feel

Lens selection - it might just be my personal selection of lenses but the Oly kit is more complete and the EM1 has the ability to use old legacy 4/3 lenses with acceptable autofocus performance. 

Build - The EM1 is solid. The Fuji is too but just not as solid and heavy as the EM1

Smaller lenses - you can't cheat physics


- Bigger sensor. For some that matters and others it does not. For me it isnt the most important but it does matter as some of my images are printed very large

- Better manual focus aids. Several options to choose from. I can just get better manual focus accuracy with the Fuji

- Fujifilms support - Fuji has a proven track record of support and investing in their current customers and product. Unmatched in the photo industry.  

EVF - beautiful and big. The EM1 EVF is no slouch but the Fuji X-T1 is just bigger. The autorotate for vertical shooting is sweet too. 


- Autofocus. There are lots of expections for the Fuji and I have loads of personal experience with the Oly. I have no opinion yet on which is better or which is better for specific situations

- Did I get the shot? Lots of folks out there will evaluate the IQ in a smattering if ways. I don't plan to do that. I measure by "Do/did I get the shot?"  Don't care about IQ if I can't get the shot. 

 - Connectivity - Haven't tested the Fuji yet. I will, but haven't. 

More to come......