I have been absent recently.  Along with travel I have been testing and shooting the new Fuji XT-1 with the intent of sharing more thoughts on how it compares (for me) to the Olympus EM1.  In fact I wrote the first draft on my flight home from Charlotte on Sunday. Just need to pull together some images and do some editting. 

In the meantime I picked up a used GM1. My friend at JB Camera Design sent me a grip for it. It's a beautiful camera and the grip makes it about 10 times more usable. Shot about 10 images with it but I am certain I am gonna like it as my take absolutely everywhere camera.  It is also my on bike camera for riding and ultralight bikepacking. Stoked!   I will spend some time with both the camera and grip and report back later.

Here is one of those first shots. 



More to come on both the XT1 and the GM1.