It's been over a week since my last post. I have been busy with my day job and my daddy job. I have managed to fill just about every opening with something including riding, shooting and my fatherly duties of soccer.

I've really been trying to learn a few things and get to know how the Panasonic 35-100 f2.8 performs on the Olympus EM1 in two specific conditions; focus tracking & panning. Focus tracking and panning are two techniques I use often. I use focus tracking to track my kids at sports and I use panning for quite a lot of motion effects for both cycling and running.

While both of these techniques are not new to me, it is important to understand your gear and how it performs in a multitude of conditions. Given how new the Panasonic 35-100 zoom is, I am really just beginning to get to know it. Honestly, while I am still learning it, the lens has become my favorite lens on the camera. I love the range and I am getting pleasing results. I've got a few moments when shooting in trees and plants that I get some busy bokeh, but overall it is a tremendous performer and a lens that is almost always glued to my EM1.

So...With panning, I am spending time panning with a tighter view and at the longer end of the focal range. Honestly, it is a lot harder to follow folks when you are shooting at a 200 mm equivalent. I also struggle with the EVF lagging thing and am cutting off heads and not getting the whole frame in.  You can see that below in the color shot.  Both of these shots were prefocused on a specif point, set on high speed burst rate and I followed the rider through the images.  Neither is just right, but that is why I am experimenting. I need to get these techniques down for a project I am shooting this coming Thursday.  Live and learn and then apply.

The next sequence was at this weekend's soccer tournament. I shot 7 games this weekend under varying conditions and at all hours of the day and came home with mixed results. I am having luck when the players are moving toward me, but I am struggling with focus accuracy when shooting players running across the frame or through other players.  I have tried the single shot, manual, continuous and continuous with tracking, all with a mixed bag of results.  Here are some of the better results.  All shot with the Panasonic 35-100 f2.8.

Lastly, I did manage to take the 35-100 off my EM1 this past weekend, but it was only for one shot. I put the new Panasonic 42.5 on the camera for a portrait at the end of the tournament. Oh my what a lovely lens. Still shooting that one and will write about it another time, but here is my favorite shot of the tournament....But admittedly, I may be a little biased on the subject matter! Note: If you look at this image and see the previous post of my daughter, please know that I shot these images a week apart and in very different conditions. That is why the output is so different. The 42.5 is incredible in it's rendition and color.