As a cycling photographer, I don't often shoot portraits. However, I am trying to improve my all around photographic skill. In that vain, when I was asked if I shoot portraits, I said yes. I brought 3 lenses; the Panasonic 42.5, the Panasonic 35-100 and the Olympus 75. All three outstanding lenses, but I ended up only using one, the Panasonic 42.5. It is hands down the best lens I have ever used on any system. I simply love it in every single way. It is sharp yes, but to me it is the rendering, contrast and color. Simply stunning. 

Here are three shots, the first being my daughter. I brought her along to get my fill flash set up and to assist as she loves all the girls in these photos. Thought she could make them laugh if I needed that!  Anyway, I don't think they are too bad considering my level of skill in this area of photography.