I shot an event this past week. It was a bit of a non traditional event called Bandit Cross. It is where a course is set up just moments before the "race" and a group of non paying cycling bandits race the course. It certainly is a bike race as the folks at the front are truly racing, but many come because it is just down right good fun. I personally come for the gathering.

I shot the event with 2 cameras, my Leica and my Olympus EM1. My primary camera was the Leica as I wanted to see what I could do in this environment with it. I found I could shoot all the stationary stuff quite well. In fact, I really loved it and I found out it was true that if you point a small camera at someone to take their picture (as opposed to even the EM1 with Panasonic 42.5mm), that they would often just ignore you or give you a pleasant smile. 

But....When there was action and movement, I put the Leica down after too quickly filling it's tiny buffer, and shot the EM1 with 42.5mm.  Wow. I love this combo. I honestly wish I had shot the entire event with this set up. I left the evening thinking a two EM1 set up was the key. One camera with the 42.5, the other with either the Panasonic 30mm f1.7 or the Panasonic 35-100 f2.8 zoom. What a combo that would be......

Anyway, here are few shots from the evening. The color shots are pretty much SOOC raw conversions in Lightroom and the black and whites had some processing in VSCO.  

And just because I talked about shooting the event and the before and after with my Leica, here is one of the after event shots. 

What a great night of shooting!