I have been busy with work and out traveling again. This time instead of grabbing my trusty EM1 with a couple of lenses, I went north with my Fuji X-T1, an old Fuji X-M1 as my pocket cam and handful of lenses. I am still flirting with this camera. I wanted to give it one more go to test the focus ability and continuous autofocus capabilities shooting my daughter's soccer tournament. 

In short, I don't like it for events. I like it considerably less than my EM1. However, for still shooting and some specific types of shooting like people and portraits, I prefer it.  I'll admit that "It" could be the lenses available for the X system. They truly are spectacular and really give a specific feel and wonderful skin tones.

Anyway, still flirting and pondering. I just can't seem to bring myself to sell it. Although that may change next week when I ponder a big change up in my photography as a whole. Stay tuned.

Until then, here are just a couple of my favorite pics from last weekend. I shot a ton and have quite a lot of what I would consider very good photographs but here are a few I really like and are meaningful, at least to me. Hope you enjoy them. I know I enjoyed taking them!