For the second weekend in a row, I left town without my Olympus EM1. Honestly, this fact felt very strange. This time I left with my Leica M8, a camera released in 2006. Why on earth did I do that? Honestly, cameras are tools and I had a specific desire for this trip and two specific visions that I felt required this camera with this specific rendering.

Now....Some may not even notice a difference. That is OK. Some will and some do. I do. The Lecia M8 has such a timeless rendering and my goodness is it sharp and clean all the way to edges with my Zeiss M glass.

Vision number 1: We'd be gone over Independence Day and we were headed home to North Dakota. I knew I'd have the opportunity to photograph small town America. I wanted this camera specifically for that. I am so pleased with the results. Here are a few shots from the annual 4th of July parade in Velva, ND.

Vision #2: I wanted to capture the specific feeling of my bike rides in the country and I thought only the M8 would do the trick.

I left this past weekend blown away by this old digital camera. It is a beautiful piece of equipment that to this day, produces really top notch images. I will write a bit more about this camera later this week as I write about where I am headed with my photography.