The other day my wife and I took our kids to Olympiakos vs Manchester city here in Minneapolis. This was our first ever attendance for a premier league level of proper football. It was amazing to see the 34,000+ fans taking an interest in the sport that my kids play and I love.

We couldn't bring big bags into the stadium so I slung my Olympus OMD EM1 with incredible 75mm f1.8 over my shoulder and threw the 15mm f1.7 into my pocket with an extra battery. We had great seats near one of the corners. Fun to see these players this close and with my own eyes. The size and the power was just amazing.

I did not shoot much. It was hot out and we were right in the sun. It was so hot the adhesive holding the rubber gripping on the back side of the camera melted or something, causing the rubber to peal away from the back side. I am going to call Olympus customer service to see if I can send it in to be replaced.

Well how did I do? Actually, I was a fan first so my shots are not that great and I don't have that many of them. In hindsight I should have brought my 35-100, but I rarely ever get to use the 75mm and it is smaller, thus being less cumbersome in that kind of setting. 

In the end, Olympiakos defeated Manchester City in a PK shootout. There were some amazing saves though in the shootout. The shootout was at the other end, so my line of sight varied with fan excitement. The shots below are heavily cropped, but as a fan, still something that I can appreciate.

These are all shot with the 75mm. I hope you enjoy them.