I went away for the weekend with the family. We were leaving with our bicycles for one last weekend before the kids start school. I was excited to get away. I've been shooting my Leica M so much that I have not been using, or shooting, my EM1. That changed. I wanted something light, something capable, something with a a wide and a long lens. I also wanted something that was easy to shoot while in motion on my bicycle. The EM1 with the Panasonic 15mm f1.7 and the Olympus 45 f1.8 was the obvious choice. So darn good. Again, this combo did not disappoint me.

I shot quite a bit this weekend and I'll have quite a bit to share, but I thought I'd bring you a short series from Spud Boy's Diner, a must stop for breakfast in Lanesboro, MN. These are all shot RAW and converted to Neopan 1600 in VSCO. I like the look for this series.

We had an incredible weekend riding bikes. I think I am going to plan a day trip down there for the fall to shoot the fall colors.

More to come......