I have a confession to make. I am addicted to the Olympus 7-14 f2.8 Pro lens.  I told my friend I may need to buy a second EM1 body as I think I may glue this lens to my current EM1. It's a little bigger then I'd like for a m43 sensor, but It's so good that I can overlook that. Of course you still need to be very intentional about shooting angles when you are shooting this wide, but it is so good. 

So on Friday I headed into the country for a morning bike ride. I met up with a friend and we rode to a secret spot and overlook for morning coffee. It was a beautiful morning and the EM1 and 7-14 did not disappoint. Here are a few pics.  

It's still very early in my long term partnership with the 7-14, but so far, so good!