I've been a bit silent over here. Busy. Very busy. I have been shooting a little bit and have been testing the new Fuji XT2 while pondering the new Olympus gear. Deep down, I know I will always fall victim to the new Oly gear.

While the recent move to announce the development of the new EM1 Mark ii is exciting, the real news to me are the lens offerings. I am blown away by the thought of the ultra light travel kit of the new 12-100 f4 and the 25 f1.2.  I have a trip coming up to Iceland in early 2017 and here is my thinking for gear. 

  • 2 - EM1 Mark i cameras with really right stuff plates and tripod mounts - While the Mark ii is exciting, I think it is going to be super expensive and will likely not arrive by my trip
  • 12-100 f4 (buy)
  • 25 f1.2 (buy)
  • 300 f4 (rent)

The only other possibility is that I might consider renting the new Panasonic 12 f1.4 for night photography.   While I think the 12-100 f4 will be sharp enough, I may want the extra couple of stops of light. 

Laslty, anyone else think the new EM1 Mark ii looks like an over developed arm wrestler with a large right forearm? Joking aside, the tech inside this camera looks incredible and I can't wait to see focus tracking abilities as well as judge the ISO performance for myself. Those two things will ultimately dictate if I get on board early.