As I await the arrival of the Olympus 12-100 f4 Pro tomorrow and plan for a trip I am leaving for on Wednesday evening, I was sitting at my desk charging batteries, organizing cords, and pondering equipment. For fun I took the following image. Just one shot. No crazy deep analysis over analyzing. Just a quick shot in poor, artificial light with an OMD EM10ii with 25 f1.2 and the new Fuji with 35 f2 WR.

Both cameras set to RAW with in camera conversion. I cropped the 4:3 Oly image to 3:2 to be closer for the comparison. Both cameras were set toautowhite balance. I had to up the ISO on the fuji to get it close to sharp compared to the Olympus which I shot at ISO 200 and 1/20th of a second. 

Please don't hate me for the lack of analysis. It is just for fun.

The top image is the fuji and the bottom image has the signature Olympus saturated color and contrast.

Again....Just for fun. A cheap camera with an expensive lens and an expensive camera with a cheap lens.