A walk in the wintery woods - EM1 with 25 f1.2 - phone edit in Snapspeed

A walk in the wintery woods - EM1 with 25 f1.2 - phone edit in Snapspeed

I took a walk in the woods this AM to ponder gear. I put my purchase on hold for the 12-100 f4. The new EM1ii came in as well at my local store. I took a pass on that too. So much new gear. So what was I pondering this AM and what is keeping me from adding this new gear?  Simple. The price compared to what is currently available.  

While there is no denying that the new features and products are great. The 12-100 offers the broadest range in a high quality zoom and brings un matched Image Stabalization, especially when paired with the new EM1 mark II.  It also looks like continuous autofocus is significantly improved on the new Mark II.  But, having shot the original EM1 next to an Pen F or GX8 with the newer 20MP sensor, there is not much qualitative difference in image quality.

Features aside, for me, two things stand out.  One being the price of used EM1's. Yep, the original. Sure it's 3 years old now but I am seeing them for $500-600 in used, mint condition. That is so much camera for that amount of money.  I could buy two more of them, one for each lens and/or have one converted to IR. Seriously, for the difference in price, I just believe in addition to the features, the resulting images should be so much more great.

I plan to rent the 12-100 and use it on the original EM1. I have a friend Timmy in Colorado that rented one and bought it shortly after due to the range and the awesome IS. I am sure that is how I will feel too but again with the brighter, and smaller, 12-40 Pro dipping into the $500-600 range on the use market I just don't know. I missed a sale on one in EX+ condition at $499The 12-40, 25f1.2 and the 40-150 pro lenses is an incredible combo when paired with the original EM1. It's so good that I don't know if I can justify the new gear. I think I may have to wait a year until I start seeing prices fall or they pop up on the used market.  

So that's the deal.  Guess I am going to have to keep shooting what I have got.  At least for now. I know someday I will end up with one, but I just can't seem to justify it at time of launch.

Have a great day and weekend.