OK I lied. I can't stay away. So much for not posting until the new year!  I am just having too much fun with a really old, but new to me lens. I ran across a used Olympus OM 50 f1.2 that had some sticky aperture blades and negotiated a sweet deal on it as the sticky blades don't really matter for shooting it as adapted lens.  I am testing it for the weekend to see if I want to keep it. 


This is my first shot out of the lens on the Olympus OMD EM1. You can see it is a bit soft, but dang it's got a lovely classic and smooth look to it.

First shot at f1.2 with an Olympus OM 50 f1.2 adapted to the EM1

And no lens test is complete with out a dog or cat photo, so here is my submission and pet test! Joking aside, I like the overall "feel" of the images from this set up.

I plan to shoot some portraits with this lens and give it a try. I really like 100mm on the m43 platform. I think it gives a nice blown out back ground from the forced perspective and it pairs nicely with the 4:3 format.  This would be a good candidate for a future Olympus portrait lens.

OK...I've got a late edit a couple of days after posting this post: Just after posting this I saw this rumor on 43rumors.com: No connection but I can honestly say that I would buy one if either Panasonic or Oly would make it!  New Konica patent discloses a possible future Panasonic 50mm f/1.4 MFT lens design

Enjoy your weekend.