Welcome to my newly updated website.  Since I couldn't shoot the last two days due to crummy weather, I took the opportunity to fully update this site.  I'd like to take a moment to walk you through what you will see here and on those pages linked at the top of every page.  

Blog - This is my journal and sharing page for images, words and experiences. Sometimes those are single image posts and other times they are longer experience posts about places or gear.

M43 Gallery - This is where I place some of my favorite images taken with m43 cameras in a gallery format. Every time someone tells me m43 stinks, I like to look at my images and remind myself that I am pleased and this system and format just work for me. I hope you are inspired by some of these images too.

Reviews - While my reviews are more of an impressions than a formal review, I am putting some words and notes as well as links to the longer articles on this page. If you are like me and like gear, that is where you will find the more gear focused articles on this blog.  

So....Again, welcome. Hope you enjoy and come back often!