Kinda like being stuck in traffic and not moving, my mind is going over and over gear for my Iceland trip and I feel paralyzed. I can't seem to move forward. I've approached my gear from every angle and I have settled on the following.   Some may call this way too much and excessive while others may call it incomplete. I focused on versatility, compactness and interchangeability of accessories (filters) between lenses.  I won't carry all this all the time, but I will have the option to pick & choose and pick what I need for the shot. But sharing it here is an effort to say it out loud and commit so I can move forward, here we go. 

  • Olympus OMD EM1II with prototype JB Camera Designs wood grip
  • Panasonic 12mm f1.4 (own - I exchanged the 7-14 I bought for the smaller, lighter, prime)
  • Olympus 25 f1.2 (own) 
  • Olympus 12-100 f4 (own)
  • Panasonic 100-400 f4-f6.3 (rented) 
  • Leica Q with JB Camera Designs Grip as second camera and back up (3 extra batteries for this)
  • 3 Legged Thing QR-10-L quick release plate and bracket (Really Right Stuff does not have baseplate available yet)
  • 5 extra batteries, 2 chargers and a power strip plug in with euro plug adapters
  • Sirui tripod with Really Right Stuff tripod head
  • 62 & 72 mm filters in graduated, polarizing and ND 6 stop. The 62mm filters fit both primes and 72's fit both zooms.  That was one main reason about choosing the Panasonic 12 & 100-400 over the Olympus 7-14 & 40-150 f2.8. I also wanted the extra range as others in my group do not have anything that long, giving me the possibility of returning home with some different images than my friends.
  • Mind Shift Rotation 180 34L pack. The EM1ii and all but the 100-400 fit perfectly in the rotating hip pack, making my gear both protected and easy to access. Given it will be cold I did not want to take pack off every time and mess with buckles/zippers with my gloves on. I have tested the mind shift in the cold with gloves. It's slick and works well for me.  

So that's it. I gotta stop spinning this over and over in my mind and make some forward progress.  One more weekend of shooting before headed out next week. Can't wait.