Minneapolis, MN - I love this city  

Minneapolis, MN - I love this city  

Was staying in the city last at my sisters house so this AM I got up early to learn and test the Live Time and Live Bulb on the Olympus OMD EM1II. I had the versatile 12-100 attached and I was using a tripod. 

 - turned off IS

- turned on Live Bulb in menu and set update interval

- set to M mode with either Live Bulb or Live Time shutter speed setting. I experimented with both. 

- went shooting

What a blast to see your image come to life in the LCD. It is like painting with light. I experimented quite a bit and found it is quite easy to overexpose, especially with the live bulb,  so watch the histogram closely and experiment. 

But, I found it both easy and fun to use. I encourage you all to get out and try it too!! You might be surprised with your results. I know I was.