OK...I can't stop posting. I had to do a couple of quick tests of the Panasonic 100-400 zoom I rented. I had to figure out how the OIS worked and get a feel for the image quality before using it in Iceland.

The main thing I wanted to see was how it compressed layers and landscapes. I had a specific shot in mind for test, that being a morning sunrise shot of the Minneapolis city skyline shot across Lake Nokomis. Lake Nokomis and the downtown are miles apart, but as you can see above, the lens does a pretty good job at the compression. I will say that the above shot was shot with lens OIS off and using the Olympus OMD EM1ii in body. I later found out that it appears that lens OIS works better than the in body and that is how I plan to shoot it; meaning in body turned off and lens OIS on.


While there, I also stumbled onto a photo shoot on the frozen lake.  Its crazy what you can grab with 800mm.  Both of these were at 800 and they are cropped JPEG conversions. Again, I shot this with lens OIS off using in body IS. They are not tack sharp. But, again, it gives me an idea of the rendering.  

Nature Wins

Lastly, I shot the above concrete jungle shot on the way home from work today.  That is SOOC Jpeg. I call this one Nature Wins. This is where I experimented with lens OIS and it was significantly better than the in body IS.

Now, here are my quick, quick thoughts. 

  • Wow this thing is small for an 800mm equivalent lens!  I honestly think Panasonic could have made it one stop brighter on the long end and folks would have still wanted to buy it if it were a little bigger and a little more expensive. There is no other competition.
  • It isn't quite as sharp on the long end as the 40-150 Olympus pro lens at the long end. But the Oly can only go to 300, or just over 400 with TC, so it's not really fair to compare. 

OK....That's it. Off to Iceland in the AM!