After a 6 hour car drive, we arrived at a new location in north west Iceland on the Snaefelsness peninsula. Wow. Another incredible landscape. Looking forward to exploring this area tomorrow. Here are three quick snaps from the evening.  It's of the black church at Hotel Budir. Quite a site.  Will shoot more tomorrow. More to come.

The black church - Olympus EM1ii with Panasonic 100-400

The Cross - Olympus OMD EM1ii with 25 f1.2

A little color at the black church - Olympus EM1ii with Olympus 25 f1.2

I really can't wait to take some time to look at my images as a larger body of work instead of the daily scan and transfer. Should be quite a good gallery and I've now shot the heck out of the EM1ii and feel I am really getting to know it's ups and downs and quirks.