On our last night the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, finally came out. What a spectacle. I got some incredible photographs as we watched it dance across the scy. This is the one area I was pretty frustrated with my camera choice, more on that in the future, but I still managed to take home some shots that are meaningful to me.  This is a quick phone edit on a tiny iPhone 5s with no noise editing. There is certainly noise in the shadows, but I am pretty confident I can work with it and get a final image I am pleased with.

Also note, its very cold and hard on gear to stand outside for hours watching and waiting for the aurora borealis. The EM1ii handled that part with ease! I was not as fortunate and have some cold, cold, fingers and chilled to the core.

I am now home and can't wait to upload, edit and figure out how to share this fun adventure.  Working with the RAW files and seeing how good the final image quality output, both on the screen and in some prints, will be is important before I can really comment about my overall gear selection.

Hope you've enjoyed the few pics I have shared. I know I have enjoyed sharing them. Look for more in the near future.