Image from Panasonic Lumix Lounge Website

Image from Panasonic Lumix Lounge Website

The long awaited Panasonic GH5 has finally arrived. Wow. It sure looks to be an incredible camera with incredible specs. If I were a video guy I would absolutely have one of these pre ordered by now.  On the stills side, I am taking a wait and see approach.  For me, personally, unless they changed their color profiling, I just don't think that it will outpace the EM1ii for stills. Video, no question, but for stills the jury is still(s) out. Ha, ha......I crack myself up! 

My interest in Panasonic is primarily in the lens area with their partnership with Leica and in how simple the cameras are to operate and navigate. I think Olympus could learn a thing or two in the simplification, operation and menues.  While I believe Oly is one of the best lens makers on the planet Earth, the Panasonic/Leica lenses are top notch too. Having shot the PanaLeica lenses, there is something special, and different, about their rendering. They are special too. Not better than Olympus Pro lenses, just different and very, very good. In all honestly, before I bought the new Olympus lenses, I thought long and hard about just doing the Panasonic Leica lenses in 12 f1.4, the amazing 42.5 f1.2 and the new100-400. I'd still have the new Oly 25 f1.2 as well giving me quite possibly the best premium primes available for any format and a long zoom for sports and wild life. 

Obviously I chose another route and that was to keep my lenses matched and to buy the Olympus 12-100 f4 to take full advantage of the the range and the new tech/IS.   But....I will absolutely be testing this camera and given I now own the EM1ii I will be testing this head to head when it does arrive. I can't wait. 

Good on you Panasonic. The GH5 is a beautiful camera and the new lens offerings and new lens updates sure seem smart!