Christmas Joy - Olympus Pen F with Olympus 45 f1.2

Christmas Joy - Olympus Pen F with Olympus 45 f1.2

As we make final preparations for our family Christmas I also must make my selection for camera and lenses that I intend to bring and shoot at our family Christmas gathering. While I haven't shot the new Olympus 45 f1.2 pro very much, I can tell you it is a true joy to use and shoot. It for sure is coming with me.  But, I'd be lying if I wasn't disappointed a little that Olympus delivered the 17 and 45 at different times with the 45 delivering 1st. 

I have wanted and waited for a premium 35 equivalent FOV lens for so long. Countless times I have talked myself out of the Voigtlander 17.5, mainly because I want AF with my primary lens.  I have been secretly hoping Santa Claus will surprise me and deliver it to my camera store early!

So....What is making the cut for Christmas?  Olympus Pen F with new JB Camera Designs grip along with the Panasonic 15 f1.7 and the 45 f1.2. That's it. Simple, light and powerful. 

If I don't get another posting up between now and the new year, thanks to all for the support here and Happy Holidays!