Up and over - EM1ii and 25 f1.2

Up and over - EM1ii and 25 f1.2

Been a bit down and out lately. It's been dull, cloudy and cold. But the snow is melting and I am finding only brief moments of time for myself.  

In those moments I have been RC crawling. It's and addictive and fun. Can't wait to build a course in the back yard. 

I have spent an immense amount of time pondering gear and considering a second camera, a Pen F or a GX8. But I keep coming back to the EM1ii and the 12-100 f4 and 25 f1.2. That is the kit that seems to never leave my side. 

Hope you are all doing well and find yourself inspired. I am traveling again soon so hopefully I will find something new and inspiring to shoot.