I've shared a bunch of images already from our recent trip to Mexico. Today, I am going to go a bit more in depth with images as I have finally brought them off the camera. All the other pics I have shared have been from in camera RAW conversion and transferred to phone for posting here.  All of these were RAW conversions in Lightroom with some tweaking but 100% of the work was done in Lightroom.

On the trip, I brought the EM1ii, 2 batteries, a few memory cards and two lenses. For lenses I brought the 12-100 f4 and the 25 f1.2. It's such a small and versatile kit. The small size, the speed, and the weatherproofing all were much appreciated on this trip.

For pics, the trip was personal and all the images are really just snapshots. Some are family and pretty personal to me. I wasn't in Mexico with the mission of photographing other than family moments and memories. Note: I spent every morning alone walking the beaches so I apologize for the repeated sunrise shots! The purpose of sharing is that I am continually learning the EM1ii and I came home with three thoughts.

1) I still believe m43 is the perfect family, snapshot, and travel camera. It is so small, versatile and the lenses are generally smaller for the equivalent focal length

2) The files are a bit flat and required quite a bit of tweaking. Especially the curves where I had to adjust the "light" bar frequently to get the look to the images I was seeking. They just required more work than I recall.  Not one image below had any kind of Noise Reduction, but I was shooting in good light most of the time so this isn't that surprising given the incredible IS and the resulting lower ISO range used. 

3) As I pointed out in the previous post, I have mixed feelings over the 12-100. It's heavier than I'd like. It has incredible and amazing range yet at times I'd like more reach.  I am getting closer to getting rid of the 12-100 and getting the 12-40 and 40-150.  I am leaning that way.  We shall see.

So with that, just a few snaps from the trip to show the versatility of the EM1ii. It is so good. Drop me a comment if you have any questions about either the trip or the gear used.  Hope you enjoy.

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