Blowout - Panasonic GH5 with 42.5 f1.2

Blowout - Panasonic GH5 with 42.5 f1.2

Every time I get more serious about photography I lose my interest and find myself ill and dis satisfied. I don't like my images, I don't like my gear, and so on & on. It culminates in a blowout wit me wanting to sell it all and shoot a point and shoot film camera. 

Thankfully photography isn't where my income comes from and when I get to this point, I set the camera down and do some other things. I ride my bike. I drive my RC cars. I shoot a Fuji Instax.   

That is where I am now. I hope to find that joy and inspiration in shooting again soon.  I am confident it will return soon. 

Hope all of you are having more luck than me with your shooting.