I chased my kids around to soccer matches all weekend. I didn't carry a camera on Saturday but I wanted something on Sunday so grabbed the GH5 and Oly 12-100 to experiment on the sidelines. 


Unfortunately I did not get a chance to shoot as before the games even started the skies opened up with lightning, severe wind & rain followed by hail. We took shelter in our car and hoped for the best.  

Thankfully my daughter's smile was a bright spot of the day.  


Of note in my brief moments of operation I am not sure that either of the 12-100 or the GH5 image stabilization work at all when paired together. While taking shelter in the car I searched the internet for information.  The few articles and threads on DPReview were not from actual experience but speculation. In use the 12-100 doesn't seem to work  very well on the GH5. I will do some more experimentation and report back but if any of you readers have personal experiences or info please leave me a comment.