Happy New Year folks.  Hope you are all set for 2018! I know I am getting there. Not there yet, but at least on the path. I spent the last day of 2017 the exact same way as I spent the first day of 2017. Out in the woods, in the cold, in the snow hiking, thinking and taking pictures. It was perfect and absolutely my favorite place to be.

After great deliberation, I have decided to officially close down this Oly All The Time website  & blog. I am not renewing the subscription for the coming year. While I have high hopes to shoot a lot more in 2018 I want to focus on photography and not on gear. I also want to manage time and money and only keep and maintain one website.

If you were not aware, I do write and manage a personal blog at www.imaginegnat.com. That is my primary location here and the single site I plan to use to share images and words going forward. I sure hope you head over there and give me a follow. 

It's been great. Thanks for all the support. Hope to see you out there!  

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