I am intoxicated by photography, taking pictures and obsessing over gear. My profession is in brand and product development in another industry and this experience carries into my endless quest for the exact right gear. Chances are that if you landed here on this page, you love gear too. While I do not do technical reviews, I do share my impressions of cameras I enjoy using. All gear on these pages are purchased by me. I shoot for myself and just like to write and share. 

If you landed here to learn about anything video related, I am sorry I am a still shooter and am one of those folks that wish that cameras were still only still imaging devices. While I recognize the importance of video in this day in age, my passion is stills photography.

This page is to share links to my gear impressions. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment or use the contact page if you have any questions. 

Olympus OMD EM1 Mark ii Field Notes

Shooting the 2014 National Cyclocross Championships in Boulder, CO - OMD EM1 with Olympus 12-40 Pro

I started this blog a few years ago when I received the Olympus OMD EM1. That camera sparked my creativity and really worked for me. I shot thousands and thousands of images with it but never wrote a formal review. Below are some links to different experiences I had with the camera as well as links to some of my favorite shots with it. I don't plan to go back in time and write a review on it. Instead, I am waiting for the arrival of the OMD EM1 mark ii that I expect to be released yet this fall. Hope you enjoy some of the EM1 links below. 

Click here to read about the Olympus OMD EM1 as the ultimate travel camera. Words and pics from Puerto Rico.

Click here to read about using the Olympus OMD EM1 as a cycling event camera. I shot the 2014 US National Cyclocross Championships in Boulder, CO

Click here and here to see more about shooting cycling with the OMD EM1. I shot the 2013 MN State CX championships and here is another gallery of images from the 2014 US National Cyclocross Championships.

Click here to see how the OMD EM1 and Fuji XT1 compare for shooting Track Racing at the Velodrome in Blaine, MN

Click here to see how focus tracking works with the OMD EM1 and the great 55-200 SWD 43rds lens - (early software)


OMD EM5 Mark ii Field Notes

While I did not do a formal review of the Olympus OMD EM5 mark ii, I did use the camera for a few weeks. While I did not do a formal impressions review, I can say that I think that it had better jpeg output and even better IBIS than the EM1. I think that is pretty normal and just due to the fact that the EM5 mark ii came out long after the original EM1.  It is a spectacular camera and I came home from a personal travel trip to Seattle with some of my favorite pictures of the year. It wasn't enough though to dethrone my EM1 as my primary partner.

Click here to read more about shooting the OMD EM5ii in the Pacific Northwest and to view some of my favorite images of 2015.

Click here to read about using the OMD EM5ii with the Voigtlander 25mm f.95 to shoot portraits

Panasonic GX85 Review


I used the new Panasonic GX85 for two straight months as my daily camera. Click here to go to my GX85 Review and impressions.

Panasonic GX8 Review

I travel a lot for work and for my recent trip to Taiwan, I rented the new Panasonic GX8. After 8 days in Taiwan, I came home and purchased it. I guess that tells you there must be something I liked about it. It is Panasonic's best mirrorless camera to date and I do love it.

Click here to find out why and to view a gallery of images taken with the new Panasonic GX8.


Panasonic GM5 Review

Want the best "I can take it anywhere m43 camera with interchangeable lenses?" Look no further than the Panasonic GM5. Long time readers know I loved the little GM1 camera. I sold it and replaced it with a new to me, used, Panasonic GM5. It gives me everything I loved in the GM1 along with an EVF and better controls.

Click here to learn more and see some of my images taken with the tiny and powerful Panasonic GM5